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vol. 67

The name of this program, “Vol.67”, refers to a vast ethnographic
miscellany by Oskar Kolberg, “The Folk: its Customs, Life, Speech.
 Tales, Proverbs, Rituals, Superstitions, Games, Songs, Music and
Dances.” Today, just as in Kolberg’s time, it is important to inquire
 into the role of folk music in Polish national culture, and to find
ways in which it can function in the wider context like European
 ballrooms in the past, and the international world music market
 today. Volume 67 of Kolberg’s work contains sheet music of folk 
tunes in piano arrangements. This is why it was referred to
by Lautari – a band preoccupied with traditional Polish folk music,
but at the same time employing more modern music styles and
identified with the contemporary music scene.
The project includes traditional music motives recorded in Kolberg’s
 Volume 23 “Kalisz Region”, as well as music pieces recorded in other 
archives or collected in our own fieldwork. All pieces belong to the
 music heritage of the region of Kalisz and Sieradz. We approach
 Kolberg’s work with criticism, checking it against and confronting
with contemporary methods of playing and recording folk music.
Our main purpose is to allow traditional folk music to retain all its basic
 qualities: usefulness, a ritual and magical character, and at the same time,
 to turn it into our individual, contemporary artistic expression.

Maciej Filipczuk –fiddle
Jacek Hałas – prepared piano, accordion
Michał Żak – clarinet, flute, shawm, soprano sax
Marcin Pospieszalski – double bass // Marcin Lamch - double bass